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Mended Wing Recovery

Mastectomy Recovery Kit

Mastectomy Recovery Kit

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Prepare for your mastectomy recovery

The Mended Wing Recovery Box provides the most comprehensive and helpful collection of recovery products for anyone planning to undergo mastectomy surgery, with or without breast reconstruction.

Each item in our box has been recommended by former mastectomy patients and is intended to be of greatest use during the first month following surgery.  

After listening to the unique needs of women following a mastectomy for many years as a nurse, these items were selected and packaged with love and convenience in mind. 

Each box includes:

1 mastectomy pillow
1 drain output journal  
2 everyday use drain holders with an adjustable belt 
1 large shower drain holder
6 cotton dressing pads for gentle cushioning
20 alcohol squares for easy cleaning and “milking” drain tubes
1 roll of skin sensitive paper tape

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

Received as a gift recently and it was so lovely that I then gifted to another friend! Highly recommend


I like the concept of this kit but ultimately purchased a different pillow for comfort. The drain bulb holder was helpful. Regarding supplies, the tape was “old” and a different 4x4 was provided at time of surgery. For me the value was not there for items used. I don’t like giving negative reviews and believe the owner provided items useful to her experience.

Pam M.
Very helpful

I used everything that was included in my box. The pillow is perfect and is very comfortable. I used the pouches, belt and net pouch to hold my drain the whole time it was in and the shower bag was a good way to keep my drain dry. The log book was very helpful to keep track of the fluid being drained and my Doctor thought it was a very good way to record that necessary information.

Ginger Jones
The Masectomy Gift Set

I ordered the Masectomy Recovery Gift box. Everything arrived before surgery. The box was amazing because it held everything I needed. The pillow was soft and comfortable on the ride home. It has been wonderful to relax with. The shower and waist pump holders have come in handy. And then all the supplies for taking care of myself. Such a wonderful blessing! Thank you!

So helpful!

I ordered your mastectomy kit recently. I am now 11 days post surgery, and this kit has been so helpful! I am using every product in it. The pillow is fabulous! The drain holders are so much better than pinning the drains to the surgical bra. A lot of thought was put into this, right down to the medical supplies. Thank you for making this ordeal so much easier to navigate. I highly recommend this to any mastectomy patient.