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Mended Wing Recovery

Breast Augmentation Recovery Pillow

Breast Augmentation Recovery Pillow

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Following a breast augmentation, the contact of everyday items against the sensitive surgical sites just hurts. The recovery pillow provides an extra buffer to absorb outside pressure and allows you to better go through your daily routines. 

While you may just want to stay at home and relax following your surgery, the reality is that you will eventually need to get out of the house to go to your doctor’s office for follow up appointments or to get back to your normal life. Unfortunately, the seatbelt is one of the most painful objects following a breast augmentation. Our pillow helps to reduce the pain by distributing the pressure through the soft and comfortable cushioning. 

The pillow was also designed with a pocket to hold simple items such as a cell phone or tv remote to avoid frequent stretching to reach common objects.


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