Post-op Energy Levels

Healing is an energy dependent process. Your body has been to war, rocking your homeostatic environment to the core. All of your body’s energy stores are now completely devoted to restoring you back to your pre-surgical level of functioning.

This can take weeks.

During this time you might feel frustrated, deflated, mad, sad, or even too exhausted to have a feeling resonate. This is normal, this will pass.

On average, most women we see in the clinic say it takes about six weeks (following the surgery date) before they feel like their energy levels are returning to baseline. For some women this timeline can be slightly shorter, or significantly longer. Everyone is different. Give yourself grace and allow your body the
time it needs to fight this battle.

What can you do to help support your body during this time?

Rest: Listen to yourself and pause for rest when you feel tired
Hydrate: Maintain quality hydration with adequate volumes or water or low sugar beverages
Fuel: Choose whole foods with high protein content for your body to utilize during this time

Lean on your support systems to get you through each day. You incisions will heal, your swelling and bruising will go down, and you will be whole again. Allow yourself the gift of grace and time. You’ve got this!

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