Ellyn, Aesthetic Flat Closure

Friends of the Feather 

Age: 58 (57 at time of diagnosis) 

Reason for Mastectomy:  Multi focal cancer of the left breast 

Type of Reconstruction (if applicable): Aesthetic Flat Closure


One thing I wish I would have known about surgery:

It was far less difficult than I imagined in my head, and the process much faster than I realized. 


One thing I wish I would have known about recovery:

I wasn’t really told about drains or how to manage them. I would have liked to have more information. 


What brought me joy during my recovery:

Salads from an amazing little restaurant near me and an Emily in Paris binge watch  


What was a trigger for me during my recovery:

Honestly - didn’t experience this. I was up and about in less than a week. 


Why did I choose my reconstruction pathway? 

I chose AFC because I had no appetite for additional surgeries, was comfortable with being flat, and I was unwilling to use my muscle to “wrap” an implant - I didn’t want to compromise my functional strength. 


Biggest hurdle I faced and how I overcame it:

LOL sleeping in a recliner was not restful!  


Share any wisdom or advice you have for post-surgery appointments and doctor’s visits:

I always recorded my appointments on my phone with the doctor’s permission. And Dr Susan Love’s Breast Book is a great resource for understanding the process and terminology. 


The product(s) that saved me during recovery:

Surgical cami with drain pockets and a lanyard for clipping drains up for a shower.


My best piece of advice for anyone about to undergo their mastectomy

Be as healthy as you can be going in. A strong body greatly improves speed and easy of recovery. 


Anything else you want to share:

Hang in there - this is scary but you are stronger than you know. 


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